Actress / Film Maker / Storyteller/

Voice, Speech & Acting Coach


I’m a storyteller. I tell stories through films, theater, performances. Through imagining, writing, directing or taking part in them.

I believe for life to continue, we need hope. And for hope, we need to be able to imagine the possibility of a different life, a different reality. I believe that is what storytelling is about. That is what art is about.

When it’s about acting, to me, it is about meticulously preparing for your part, then letting yourself free fall, trusting your director and colleagues on set. I don't only extremely enjoy performing a character in a production, but it also helps me believe in different narratives and futures being possible in this life.

Acting is about imagination and belief. As an actor you put all your instruments - your body, your voice, your memories, your emotions - to the use of the creation of a new reality. When it’s about coaching other actors, to me, it’s about accompanying a fellow actor in taking a new look at their instruments, accompanying them in a journey of revisiting a familiar geography with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective and making new discoveries.